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'Braveheart' is an action / drama movie based on the life of legendary Scottish hero William Wallace, the forefront of the First War of Scottish Independence by opposing Edward the Longshanks, King of England. The film was produced, directed and starred by Mel Gibson. It garnered several recognitions and won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director in 1995.

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Year Released : 1995

The conflict between Wallace and Longshanks ignited when William's wife suffered and died from the cruel hands of the village Sheriff. The socio-political injustice that the people suffer from their government was the signal for his rebellion. With his fierce patriotism and determination, his fellow townsmen stand with him to bend the government and achieve territorial freedom.

Mel Gibson
Sophie Marceau
Catherine McCormack
Patrick McGoohan
Angus Macfayden
Brendan Gleeson

Mel Gibson


• Rotten Tomatoes (Tomatometer): 78% with an average score of 7.2/10
• RT Audience Score : 85% | Average rating : 3.8/5
• IMDB Ratings : 8.4 stars/10

"An explosive action movie...one of the most spectacular entertainments in years."
~ Caryn James (New York Times)

"There's no denying `Braveheart' is an eyeful. The battle scenes are staged with enough dramatic sweep to make De Mille envious. They have a gritty bite that helps keep `Braveheart' big and boldly handsome."
~ Peter Stack (San Francisco Chronicle)

"Many movies deal with battlefield heroics. Few seriously attempt to define heroism."
~ John Hartl (Seattle Times)


Gary Gibel said...

I really love this movie. Full of action and has a camaraderie with his co- soldiers. They helped each other in order to survive. But i he end it has a sad ending Private Ryan die.

komatriks said...

no he is alive. you should better watch it once again.