Face Off

Face Off Movie

Face Off (1997), directed by John Woo, is an action movie with a rare concept and radical idea loaded with emotional aspects of a hero and a villain. The movie centers around one of the most wanted criminal and an agent of FBI that swap faces and identities.

Face Off movie
Face Off is about Sean Archer (John Travolta), an FBI terrorism expert whose passion is to bring down Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), a terrorist that planted a bomb in Los Angeles area and also the one who killed his son in one of their encounters.

Years passed when Archer founds out that Troy had a bomb hidden somewhere in LA and he is in comatose. He then decided to undergo facial surgery, swapping Troy's facial features to his own forgetting the consequences that might happen. That way, Archer (as Troy) would try to locate the bomb through Troy's brother Pollux (played by Alessandro Nivola) whose in prison. Things get complicated when Troy recovered from his coma and found out that his face was replaced by Archer's. Now the terrorist assumes the role of the FBI agent and vice versa.

For an action movie, Face Off set out an impressive action sequences. The direction of John Woo in the movie's breathtaking scenes are remarkable. He used slow motion style that eventually enhances the effectiveness of the scenes. Aside from the turbulent action scenes in the movie, its emotional aspect is also impressive.


• Rotten Tomatoes (Tomatometer): 91% with an average score of 7.9/10
• RT Audience Score : 83% | Average rating : 3.5/5
• IMDB Ratings : 7.3 stars/10

"After Hard Target and Broken Arrow, John Woo cements his Action-God status with the sort of thrilling, pumped-up, stunt-packed film that will leave you on a high. Hugely satisfying."
~ TotalFilm

"An engaging and at times sophisticated story of identity and behavior, wearing the leering face of a farcical action cartoon."
~ Gary Thompson (Philadelphia Daily News)

"An action picture that finally pleases the mind as well as the eye.
~ Madeleine Williams (CINEMATTER)

"A rather standard, but intelligent, action movie."
~ Ram Samudrala (Movie Ram-blings)