True Lies

True Lies Movie Information

Genre:Action | Sci-Fi

Main Cast:
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jamie Lee Curtis
Tom Arnold
Bill Paxton
Art Malik
Tia Carrere

James Cameron

About the movie:

True Lies is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best action movie, was released in 1994 and a remake of a French movie LA Totale. The casts also include Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Paxton, Tia Carrere, Tom Arnold, Charlton Heston and Art Malik. True Lies was written and directed by James Cameron .

movie is about Harry Tasker (played by Schwarzenegger), known as an ordinary computer salesman by his family, but he's actually the United States' top secret agent. Harry's wife began to seek for some adventure in her life dating another man because she thinks that he's dull and boring. He then found out that Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) is having an affair with a car salesman and seduced her by a lie that he is a spy. So Harry sends his colleagues to kidnap them, but they are actually the ones that were accidentally kidnapped by a group of Arab terrorists. By this event, Helen founds out that Harry is a secret agent by night, and he need to do his job against the terrorists that posseses an atomic bomb planted in Florida.

The most exciting part of the
movie is when Harry tries to track down the bomb of the terrorists. While the escape scene on the bridge that connects Florida to the mainland is one of the best shot and the most thrilling part in the movie.

True Lies contain the elements of
action, comedy and political thriller rolled into one pleasing entertainment movie. It's an old-fashioned yet high-tech action movie with fresh ideas to deliver the excitement for the breath-taking scenes.

It has a great
action stunts that was often executed by Schwarzenegger and Curtis themselves and it has an expensive special effects having a production cost of approximately $120 million.


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