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Action | Sci-Fi

Main Cast:
Sigourney Weaver
Michael Biehn
Lance Henriksen
Carrie Henn
Paul Reiser
Bill Paxton

James Cameron

About the movie:

Aliens (1986) is a sequel of the action/sci-fi/horror movie Alien (1979 - directed by Ridley Scott). The film is set 57 years after Ellen Ripley's ordeal with the deadly extraterrestrial creature. With the combat-oriented structure of the movie, Aliens promoted the tagline: "This Time It's War."

After more than half-century after the events of 'Alien', Ellen Ripley, the sole survivor of a salvaged space freighter Nostromo, was found and rescued at LV-426, a planetoid where they encountered the alien eggs. Then a unit of space marines together with Ripley were set to a a mission to investigate LV-426's activities and to search for their contact. As they returned to the planetoid, they discovered a large Alien nest and they're unprepared as they encountered a mature alien, killing most members of the unit. The remaining survivors including Ellen were trapped in the alien infested territory, leaving them with no other choice but to fight the alien queen in order to survive.

Aliens offers a high-intensity thrill ride that set a new standard for action movies that is hard to match. Aliens is a sequel that surpass the success of the original movie Alien (1979) and it is even more powerful making it one of the best action movies ever made.

Ellen Ripley in Aliens movieAlienEllen Ripley in Aliens movie


Moviemart said...

To know more about aliens is always thrilling.

The Man With No Name said...

It is the best action movie ever made hands down. James Cameron is action king and will hopefully take the wind out of the Michael Bay's sail when Avatar comes out.

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I watch all Aliens movies it is the first movie made with Alies gedgets and more.