Fight Club

Fight Club action movie

Fight ClubMovie Information
Action | Drama
Main Cast:
Edward NortonBrad PittHelena Bonham Carter
David Fincher

About the movie:
Fight Club is an action movie adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's award winning novel Fight Club in 1996. The story is based on the unnamed protagonist who hates his job and his life.
The film is narrated by a depressed and unfulfilled man played by Edward Norton. He is an average-guy living in a consumer culture generation, with no family and friends. During a flight for a business trip, he met Tyler Durden, a soap salesman and a rebel with intriguing personality. Eventually they became friends as they have a mutual hatred for corporate consumer-culture hypocrisy. Later on, the two started the Fight Club, a ferocious bare-knuckle bouts of angry men, which convenes in a bar basement. It attracted the crowd and soon becomes the place for men - mostly are victims of the dehumanizing power of the modern-day society.
The film is about becoming of a real man. That fighting is a way of standing out against several other members of the species called men. Its a fact the Fight Club is a violent film but there is a purpose for the brutal scenes. It was the most talked about aspect of the movie because of the graphic portrayal of violence, and it is somehow being linked to the controversies of A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.The depth of the film is truly incredible. Edward Norton is outstanding in this film and Brad Pitt will always be remembered as Tyler Durden.

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lilth said...

When I first saw the previews for this movie, it had me interested. A movie about guys who fight - it didn't seem to deep, but I thought it would provide entertainment.

7/10 for me.

Ashley said...

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in one movie together....woow...

faithxp said...

Is it a gangsta movie.,

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~DaRk-EyE~ said...

I've watched this movie and I really like the story...

film dude said...

fight club says a lot about Americanism and the longing men in modern society feel for significance, for feeling really alive.

black_hat said...

I've watched this show, and it is very interesting, I like the idea, having a split personality. and having a big plot.

download divx movies said...

This is very interesting one. I have seen it lot of times. It is movie about guy who is fighting.

baatkamaalki said...

surely one of the best films of edward norton's career